Points Portfolio Management

Points Portfolio Management is our all encompassing service, designed for elite clients.

For Personal Clients, The Points Consultants will provide:

  • Customized to your travel wants and needs – Bali, Portugal, South Africa – anywhere you want to go, we can develop a plan for you
  • Credit card portfolio analysis – we take a look at your current credit cards to determine which cards are worth using and which ones you can dump
  • Credit card recommendations based on your spending patterns – we take a look at what you spend the most on, and recommend cards that will help you rack up points faster
  • Personalized credit card plan – we’ll set you up to take advantage of bonus categories (advertising, office supplies, groceries, etc.) and earn maximum points
  • Tailored redemption strategy and assistance – you know those trips to Bali and Portugal and South Africa? Yeah, this is where the magic happens
  • Email and phone support – whether your spending patterns change or you just have a question, we’re here to make sure you’re always earning points and get the answers you need


In addition to the above services, for Business Clients, The Points Consultants will provide:

  • Business credit card analysis – we recommend the best business credit cards for your spending, to help you maximize the points your business earns
  • Business loyalty program recommendations – we will match you with business-specific loyalty programs to help you earn more points, based on your current company travel patterns
  • Reduced business travel costs – by increasing your points earning, we will help you to reduce your business travel expenses


If you would like The Points Consultants to manage your Points Portfolio, please submit your contact information below. We will be in touch with you to discuss our program options and provide you with a detailed quote for service. We look forward to serving you.


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