Points Strategy Evaluation

A Points Consultant will provide the following:

  • Credit card portfolio analysis – we take a look at your current credit cards to determine which cards are worth using and which ones you can replace
  • Credit card recommendations based on spending patterns – we determine what you spend the most on, and recommend cards that will help you rack up points faster
  • Best practices for redeeming points for travel – we provide redemption strategies based on where you want to travel
  • Customized report – we’ll put everything together in a written report so you can reference it anytime
  • Seven-day follow up period for questions – we know this will be a lot of information, so we are available to answer any questions you have via email

To begin a Points Strategy Evaluation with The Points Consultants, please submit your contact information below. We will be in touch shortly to gather the information we need to complete your personalized report.


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